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Halloween Costume Ideas: Create These 3 Looks With Jewelry As Your Key Accessory


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Who needs help with a last minute Halloween Costume? I posted this last year and thought I’d share it again for anyone who still needed to put a costume together.

Halloween is 1 week away! Are you ready to celebrate with a fun, jewelry fueled costume? Of course your are! I have 3 easy costume ideas that rely heavily on jewelry to achieve a fabulous look! Almost every one can locate or borrow items to accurately create costumes for each of these characters or concepts!

1. Rhinestone Cowboy

14390624282_6055442be2_ofabulous neon sign photo by Davidbaxendale!

You will need:

  • As many rhinestones as you can locate: brooches, necklaces and a great pair of earrings
  • Cowboy hat
  • Jeans or a jean skirt
  • Plaid or chambray shirt
  • bandana
  • Boots or heels
  • Pile on the rhinestone brooches and necklaces. Go for the most dramatic rhinestone earrings you can find! Pin some rhinestone brooches on your hat. Put your cowboy boots or heels on and go!


IMG_53312. Coco Chanel

Coco-Chanel-3You will need:

  • Slim black skirt and related jacket or sweater. If you don’t have the black skirt, you can wear a cream/white, wide legged trouser as a bottom. The top MUST be black.
  • Black hosiery (skip if wearing trousers)
  • Black shoes
  • A few strands of pearls; one needs to be long
  • Button style earrings
  • Matching cuff bracelets, or 2 bold bracelets that somehow could be perceived as a pair. Coco Chanel was famous for her Verdura cuff bracelets!
  • Small, black rimmed hat. Bonus if you can add a similar jewel as shown in the photo above!
  • Cigarette. It’s okay not to smoke, just have the cigarette handy for drama!
  • French accent! Tell everyone how much you LOVE the south of France! And if you have time, memorize a few famous Chanel quotes, available here


3. Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany

audrey-hepburn-holly-golightly-breakfast-at-tiffanysYou will need:

  • Slim, sleeveless, black dress – long is best but knee length will work too
  • Long black gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Multi stand pearl necklace
  • Large rhinestone brooch, that you will secure to the front and center of the pearl necklace. (read my post on how to secure the brooch and pearls to best mimic this famous necklace here!)
  • Styrofoam coffee cup
  • glazed doughnut
  • Rhinestone jewel for your hair – this can be a brooch that you secure with your hair up, or a rhinestone barette, or better yet, some kind of tiara. Just get some kind jewel to accent your updo
  • Cigarette and holder – optional
  • Tiffany shopping bag -optional
  • Black heels

holly gol

I would love to see your photos for any of these jeweled Halloween costumes ideas outlined above! Post them on Instagram with the hash tag: #susanjanejewels

Got a brilliant Halloween costume idea that utilizes jewelry as a key to the look? I would love to hear about it! Share your ideas and comments below!

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Fall Jewels Modeled by Miss Pumpkin!


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I posted this last October and got such a great response that I thought I would share it again. Perhaps you will find some inspiration for your Halloween costume?! Enjoy!

I have special treat today! Miss Pumpkin stopped by the studio last week and graciously agreed to model for Susan Jane! We were delighted to have her on set for the whole afternoon. She worked closely with the stylist to create these glamorous looks featuring the Susan Jane collection. Miss Pumpkin arrived on time with no entourage and no attitude. She was charming and fun. Her choice of music while the camera snapped? The Smashing Pumpkins of course! Between photos she snacked on pumpkin biscotti and sipped a pumpkin spice latte!

art deco pumpkin flapperMiss Pumpkin gets glamorous in this vintage, 1920’s/30s Art Deco look!

french pearls pumpkinViva La France! Our French couture look with lots of pearls, complete with beret!

breakfast at tiffany holly golightly pumpkinCan you say Moon River? Miss Pumpkin sure knows how to channel the Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany! The rhinestone hair clip was her idea!

60s pumpkinAll glammed up with this 1960s look. The only thing missing is a vintage, convertible Jaguar!

70s pumpkin discoBurn baby burn! Disco inferno! Miss Pumpkin even taught us how to Hustle while we shot this 70s look!

hollywood rhintestones pumpkinPortraying the ultimate in old Hollywood glamor, Miss Pumpkin is red carpet ready!

80s pumpkinOn the catwalk! Rocking the 1980s/90s in this stunning combination of chunky gold necklaces and related earrings!

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Thank you Miss Pumpkin for the great photos! Do stop by the studio again soon!

Which look is your favorite? Leave a comment below and share this with your fashion and jewelry loving friends!

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How To Wear A Brooch And Why The Brooch Is The Queen Of The Jewelry Box


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Do you play chess? I used to play. I remember that the Queen is the most unrestricted playing piece on the chess board. She can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. She can also move as many number of squares as she likes. She has more freedom and versatility than any other token or playing piece on the board. Brooches have the same luxury and that, my friend, is why I regard the brooch as the queen of the jewelry box.

Brooches or pins, are the most misunderstood category in the line up of jewelry. For many people they are the odd ball jewelry item that they just cannot figure out how to wear. I work with lots of women who have a brooch or two. Some were bought and some were inherited.  When I ask them about a brooches, they say, that they don’t wear them because they don’t what to do with them. It’s such a shame that these beautiful and miniature works of art are so overlooked and panned. Brooches are amazing and not at all frumpy and dumpy. The trick is that you need to know how to wear them. No other piece of jewelry has the versatility of the brooch. So, just like the queen in a game of chess, the brooch can go almost anywhere.

And by the way, brooches are hot, hot, hot for Fall 2015! They were all over the the fall runway shows, fashion magazines and websites. It was so exciting to see them embellishing so many beautiful clothes, collections and models. Here are a few of my favorite looks on how to wear a brooch and how to style a brooch.

Below: Runway at Balenciaga


Below: Gold vintage inspired brooches adorn the necklace at Dolce & Gabanna.


Below: Stemmed flower brooches at Prada

prada pink brooches floral

A brooch combines beauty and function. A brooch can……

  • Direct the eye so that it is most becoming and flattering to you. You can place it so that it can bring the eye or down, or where ever you want a focal point.
  • Secure a gaping opening on a V-neck or wrap blouse
  • Cover a small stain
  • Help to create balance to your figure
  • Substitute for a missing or failed button or snap
  • Embellish almost every article of clothing and accessories
  • Add drama to your waist or decollete
  • Personalizes clothing and accessories
  • Adds color

Need some ideas on where to place a brooch? Here are some of the ways to wear a brooch:

  • Lapel
  • Decolletage
  • Center placket of a button front blouse, between the collar
  • Waist – off center ( A cluster of 2 or 3 is good here!)
  • On the hip of a wrap skirt
  • Bodice of a dress
  • On the shoulder ( See the photo of Pat Ciner Hill above with her gold butterfly brooch)
  • On a pocket
  • In your hair
  • On a hat
  • On a scarf
  • On a choker
  • On clutch
  • Nested in a cowl of a chunky sweater
  • On the cuff of a sleeve
  • On a necklace – a’la Chanel. For examples of this idea check out my series called When Brooches and Necklaces Collide where I show lots of examples of pinning a brooch onto necklaces, here.
  • On a necklace: chain or ribbon hanging as a pendent
  • On the back of an evening dress emphasizing a dramatic V back or other feature
  • Wear a cluster of brooches, 2 or 3 together

I have asked some of my favorite vintage jewelry sellers and Costume Jewelers to share their favorite ways to wear brooches or pins.

1. Pat Ciner Hill / Owner of Ciner New York Fashion Jewelers and Kris Ciulla / VP Sales & Design at Ciner , New York, New York

Ciner Jewelry is the oldest and only remaining costume jeweler that maunfacturers from start to finish in New York City and are still family owned and operated.


Kris shared both Pat’s favorite way to wear a brooch as well as her favorites. (That’s Pat on the far left in the photo above and Kris on the far right) And a bit of trivia here, Pat is the granddaughter of Emanuel Ciner who founded the company in 1892.

“Pat is the best accessory person I know and she wears pins a few times a week. Actually Pat is one of the best dressed woman I ever met. Her very favorite way to wear a pin is to DOUBLE PIN!!! She will wear a Large Flower and a Small Bee Pin set just so on her clean lined blazers. Or a Large Butterfly and a Smaller Butterfly for example. Sometimes just one larger pin. But always on clean lined, beautifully cut blazer or jackets. She does not always wear them on the lapel, sometimes she places them off to the side, under her shoulder on the front panel of the jacket if the lapel is not large enough to accommodate. Pat is a jacket wearer … with Pants or Skirts, but almost always with a beautiful jacket. She owns the most fantastically cut jackets from some of the best designers and she really wears them beautifully. So chic!! The pins are the perfect touch!!”

“For me it is on a Hat or a bag. I recently purchased a 70’s style brown suede floppy brim hat and plan to accessorize it all fall long with pins that will compliment my outfits. And Bags!! A bag is such a great place for Pin. Looks so modern!!! I purchased a bag just yesterday made from Vintage 50’s maroon velvet and Pink Plaid with a hard gold frame closure and long gold chain strap. The bag is accented with a nicely sized Rose and Garnet Rhinestone Wreath Pin set in Gold. It is really pretty. The pin really makes the bag POP. I plan to wear it with a Darker Raspberry Color Tweed Coat, the coat is knee length so I will pair it boots, and the sleeves are bracelet length so I must find some gloves  – maybe black gloves so it is not too sweet a look.” 

Below: Fabulous bug, frog and insect brooches from Ciner.



See more gorgeous brooches and exquisite costume jewelry from Ciner here. I was fortunate enough to visit the Ciner NY showroom earlier this year and wrote about it here.

2. Emily Maynard / Founder and Designer of Elva Fields, Taylorsville, Kentucky

With a background in French and Art History, Emily scours flea markets sourcing vintage jewelry and interesting and unusual beads and stones. She then combines them to create beautiful, unexpected and timeless designs. She also is a purveyor of mid mod vintage jewelry.


“It’s such fun adding a brooch (or two or three!) to strands of beads or chains, creating your own one-of-a-kind statement necklace–even better if the brooches are family heirlooms that have been collecting dust in your jewelry box.  What a tribute to family history and a way to bring new life to loved (but sometimes overlooked) treasures!” Take a look at how Emily mixes vintage jewelry with semi precious and interesting stones to create one of a kind necklaces, below. See more of Emily’s one of a kind collection at Elva Fields hereP8247688_large


3. Deirdre Zahl / Founder and Designer of Candy Shop Vintage /Charleston South Carolina

Deirdre sells vintage jewelry and designs a vintage inspired jewelry line called the Candy Shop Collection which includes her Charleston Rice Beads. She also has a store in Charleston that looks like a really fun place to shop and play with the jewelry!


“When I wear brooches I love throwing a big, statement brooch on a fun blazer.  Also love to attach them to a chain and wear as a pendant. This particular piece has a built in clasp to attach to the chain it comes with but for vintage brooches you can always buy a converter piece that attaches to the pin part to put on a chain.”candy shop vintge for blog

Deirdre shared a great brooch trick with this cool converter that easily allows you to wear a brooch on a chain. It’s available here. Thanks Deirdre for the tip!31XZLF4MjwL




4. Jillian Bremer / Founder of Sweet & Spark Vintage Jewelry, San Francisco, California

Jillian’s consistently travels the whole country to source her collection of carefully curated vintage jewelry. She does a great job showing and styling vintage jewelry with a modern point of view.


“My favorite way to wear a vintage brooch is on a classic denim or army jacket. It’s the easiest way to wear the trend and really highlights the brooch without being too fashion forward! I always rotate between a statement sparkly piece and a newer, 70’s or 80’s bold gold one.” Check out an example below. See more of Jillian’s collection at Sweet & Spark here.  She also offers a very cool shopping experience called Spark Party – like a Tupperware party except it’s vintage jewelry and everything is one of a kind! Get details here.ss_AB-1746


Here’s my favorite way. I love to combine brooches and necklaces. 




The 2 rhinestone butterfly brooches, which make for a very Chanel look above, work really well on the gold chain necklace, below.

butterfly rhinestone


Still need some inspiration? How about a look at some brooches worn by top movie stars in classic films?

Have you seen All About Eve starring Bette Davis? Her wardrobe was by Hollywood costume designer Edith Head and one of the most famous costumes from the film was at the cocktail party at Bette Davis’s apartment. This is where she says the famous line, “Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy night!” How fabulous does this brooch look on her? I wrote about this film in my Screen Gems series awhile back, for more about the jewelry and brooches in this movie click here.


Another good example is the lead female character in the cult classic film, Model Shop. Actress Anouck Amiee wears a brooch as a decolletage focal point throughout the film. I covered this movie too in my Screen Gems series. Click here for more details.imagesSKV7QNVK

How about the Holly Goliglty character from Breakfast at Tiffany? I love the way this look can be easily replicated with a pearl necklace and brooch. You can learn how to create this look

The Olsen twins on the red carpet at the Met Gala earlier this year. Love the double brooch effect! Read more about the look here.

mary kate and ashley olsen olsen twins met gala

There’s a blog called Wear The Rude, and they source all the clothing and accessories shown on the TV show Hannibal. They posted about the liner and circle brooch that was listed on my website, and you can see the exact same brooch on the character on the right. I wish I had more of these brooches!tumblr_nqkvtpaSa71sy7qkmo2_500


And more brooch ideas from July Vogue! I propped similar brooches (and even a pair of earrings) with the jewelry shown in this editorial. Get more details about these ideas here.

fall trends from July vogue brooches

How do you feel about brooches? Ready to wear them? Leave a comment below about which brooch idea you are going to try this fall.

Thanks again to Pat Ciner Hill, Kris Ciulla, Emily Meynard, Deidre Zahl and Jillian Bremer for their brooch tips and ideas. Be sure and check out their websites and collections for brooches and other fabulous jewelry. I have lots of awesome brooches in my store right too, you can shop those here.

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How To Transition Your Jewelry From Summer To Fall


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green and brown swooshFall is here. And I am ready to wear some clothes that reflect the new season. I found lots of tips about transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall on line and I realized that you really need to transition your costume jewelry too. Some of the biggest concerns my clients have is that they cannot find certain pieces of jewelry and thus forget what they own, and then waste money on pieces that they don’t really like or duplicate something they already have.  I have to confess that my costume jewelry gets heaped up in some pretty embarrassing piles and I want to share my strategies on how to get your jewelry organized for the fall season and help you identify what you need to freshen your wardrobe. Here’s are my recommendations to get your jewelry regrouped and back together, and accessible for the fall season. I hope I can help your transition your costume jewelry so that you can:

  1. Figure out what jewelry you have and what exactly you might need to buy
  2. Get dressed faster
  3. Be excited about your clothing and jewelry reflecting who you are
  4. Feel confident, put together and beautiful

Set aside some time to resort, organize and stow your summer jewelry and get your fall jewelry front and center with easy access. Do not race through or think you can get this done while you get dressed one morning. Schedule and plan this task ideally on the same day or weekend that you are transitioning  or switching out your summer clothing for your fall wardrobe. The time to allow will vary depending on how large or small your costume jewelry wardrobe is. Most of my clients need about an hour or two for this part of the project.

First: Get Inspired. Before your roll up your sleeves, create a plan of what you want your jewelry to look like for the season. This is a fun step. Create a folder or Pinterest board and compile your favorite fall looks, accessories and jewelry for the fall season. Identify the colors and pieces that inspire you. Think about fall colors and trends that you like. What colors that you associate with fall do you have a preference for? What have you seen in fashion magazines? Online reports and trends? What have your favorite bloggers and influencers highlighted for fall? Have you been inspired by a movie, or something you saw while you were out shopping ? Put a reference to any of these things on your board. And it’s perfectly fine to create several boards if that works for you. They might be sorted by color or trend. Have fun with this. It’s also really fun to see jewelry that you already own or in some cases forgot that you have something just like that.

Second: Remove all spring and summer feeling jewelry from the most readily available position in your jewelry box/rack or organizer. (In my case I had some big piles on my vanity. Yikes!) This would include things that speak to classic, American holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day red, white and blue. Store these in the back of your jewelry box, or rotate them away from your most accessible jewelry section. This is all going to depend on how you store your jewelry. I like to store my pieces in small zip lock bags and then store them in a shallow tray. The clear bags allow me to see the jewelry while protecting it from dust and damage. The shallow trays help keep pieces organized and I like to keep “like” items together. So, I store all my obvious summer jewelry together. These are pieces that I only wear in the summer. Again red, white and blue motifs, coral, novelty items that just really say beach, sand, surf, shore, etc. This is also a good time to weed out anything that you don’t care for anymore, is broken or missing pieces. If you are simply tired of something, pass the jewelry on to someone else or donate it. If it’s broken, determine if you want to repair it, craft with it or toss it. Create 5 separate piles:

  1. Keep –  Store those in the back or bottom of your jewelry box. What ever your system is, put them aside in a place that will is of least importance and accessibility. You most likely won’t reach for these pieces for months, so they just don’t need to be that handy.
  2. Repair –  Take those items in this week and get them fixed. Once they are done, put them in with the other summer jewels.
  3. Pass on or donate – Give these pieces to your friends and or relatives or donate them to your favorite charity shop
  4. Craft – You crafters know who you are. Broken jewelry can be the beginning of some very fun projects for you and your family. If you are not a crafter find someone who will have a ball with broken costume jewelry.
  5. Toss – If a piece is really just broken down or totaled, throw it away.

Third: Pull out all your classic, season-less, go to pieces. Put them in a 6th pile. This would be things like gold chains, silver bangles, faux pearls. What ever you identify as your core pieces.

Fourth: Check out your classic or core jewelry pieces. Is everything there? Did you get all your jewelry from summer suitcases, travel totes and beach bags out and put back with the rest of your collection? I suggest a double check if you traveled at all this past summer. Better to locate those pieces now rather than be scrambling or worried trying to find a particular piece later this fall.

Fifth: Have your inspiration boards or tears handy and go through all or peruse your jewelry and “shop” your jewelry box. Pull out all the pieces that are colors and shades that you want to wear right now. Look for pieces that that are similar to what you put on your inspiration boards. Keep those together and these will be your fall fashion pieces. Look for true autumnal motifs, novelties: leaves, acorns, classic fall colors and colors and shades that were on the runway. (This all may seem arduous, but stick with me gals, I promise this will save you time in the long run. And it will be so much easier and more fun to get dressed in the morning.)

Sixth: Evaluate your core pieces and your fall season pieces together. Use the tears or Pinterest boards and see what you have that comes close or replicates the looks you like. Or what colors did you take note of? Do you have something that is that color or goes well with that color? Can you combine any jewelry pieces to “Get The Look”? This is one of my favorite tricks. Combining and fashioning pieces together to recreate a runway look. Take a look at your clothing. Lay a few things out. Put the jewelry with the clothes. Will the pieces look good with your clothes? Is there a color that pops and looks great on a contrasting color? It’s always fun to be surprised that some piece of jewelry that your never thought would look good on a particular fabric, color or garment and once you put it together, you are blown away at how good some things can look together. This is play time. Give yourself 30 minutes to try some new combinations, whether its combining necklaces or stacking some bracelets together.

Seven: Access what your need. Make a list of the pieces you would love to have to compliment your fall 2015 jewelry wardrobe. Consider your budget and plan out how to get the most look for the money. Often times with the addition of just 1 or 2 costume jewelry pieces you can update your wardrobe and really update your look. Yep, that’s why I love jewelry!

Eight: Set your fall jewelry wardrobe up for success. When things are at the ready, organized and handy you wear them. Get the piles off your dresser. Find a jewelry organizing system that you like and serves you. Here are some great solutions for jewelry organizing . So, what ever your organizational strategy is, stick with it. Keep your classic/core pieces in a convenient place together so it is easy to find the earrings that relate with the necklace. Next to this group, keep your fall stuff. The benefit is that you can easily access your go to pieces or your fall pieces and mix them together.

Now, keep in mind these are suggested steps. You might not need to do each one.


Are you ready to officially switch out your summer jewelry and cue up your fall pieces? Was this guide helpful? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below. And share this with your friends who would appreciate it too!

Top 6 Myths About Vintage Jewelry


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blue jewels swoosh

Sometimes when we get so close to something we forget how others see things. This brings me to the topic of what I call ‘Myths About Vintage Jewelry”. So, today I thought I would address some of the questions I get from people regarding vintage jewelry condition and how to wear it.

 Here’s my list of the top myths regarding vintage jewelry:
1. Vintage jewelry is dirty. Okay, it can be dirty. And sticky and well, icky. But, you can easily clean vintage costume jewelry. The best way to clean it is in an Ultra Sonic cleaner. A good, small one runs about $60. Check out some ultra sonic cleaners over on JewelrySupply here. You can also use warm water and mild soap and an old toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly, dry it off as best you can and then set it on a terry cloth towel for a few hours or over night so it can dry completely. Like any second hand or found object sometimes things need a little love and attention. I also want to share that I clean ALL the jewelry I sell to make sure that it is clean, shiny, sparkly and feels nice to the hand. So, that way when you buy it, it’s clean and ready to bracelets and post card2. Vintage jewelry is broken. Yes, this is another one that can be true. However, most of the jewelry I find is in perfectly good working order. Often times women discard jewelry because their taste has changed or its out of style. I like to come in and rescue the well made pieces that are timeless or iconic of a particular era or decade. I take great joy in assessing a piece of jewelry and saying “Oh that’s so 70s and Studio 54!”, or “Doesn’t this look just like something the Betty Draper character of MadMen would have worn in the early episodes?” Occasionally I find a piece that needs a repair, but I love to fix things and make them wearable again. It seems so senseless to discard something because it needs a clasp or a couple of rhinestones.And the other thing to consider, when you buy vintage jewelry you’re being green and keeping things in use and out of land pink brooches and pink hb3. Vintage Jewelry is old. Old is good in my book. That saying, “they just don’t make them like they used to” applies here. Vintage costume jewelry was well made. Did you know the most of the US costume jewelry manufacturers were based in Providence Rhode Island? They employed skill artisans and designers and looked to fine jewelry and couture fashion trends for inspiration. Many of these pieces were triple plated and that’s why they hold up so well. And let me ask you this: Do you have antique or vintage home furnishings or decorative accessories in your home? If you do, than think about how including a few vintage jewelry pieces in your wardrobe in the same way that your add antiques and vintage when you decorate your home. Mixing old and new in home furnishings is considered a very good way to decorate and allows your to truly put your personal stamp on your home and reflect your taste and style. The same strategy applies to including vintage jewelry in your wardrobe. A few well selected pieces will compliment both your costume and/or fine jewelry. When your friends and family visit your home I bet they gravitate more to your antique and vintage furniture and home decorative accessories than they do to say, your IKEA furniture. Questions like, “Hey this bar cart is really cool, where did you find that?” or “I love this mid mod mirror, where did you get it?”. It’s  the same with vintage jewelry. People will ask similar questions. And you will get compliments regarding how you put together your wardrobe and how you have such great style. It’s because you have a nice outfit that is complimented with interesting and complimentary jewelry that reflects your style and makes you feel good. I read and interview with Burberry designer,  Christopher Bailey,a few years ago and in it he talked about how he likes to design pieces for the collection that give the feeling of being previously owned. He likes that things look like they have a little bit of history whether it be a scarf or a leather jacket. I agree with Christopher!  For example, the juxtaposition of a piece of vintage jewelry with a bit of patina against a silk satin jewel tone blouse or dress is really great.

chanel pearls4. Vintage Jewelry is outdated and out of style. Good style is always IN style. Good stuff goes with good stuff. Fashion is cyclical and trends come and go. Almost everything comes back in style at some point. Fashion typically runs in a 20ish year cycle. So, the next hot collectible is the late 1980s and early 90s jewelry. In fact I just did a blog post on why costume jewelry of this era is back, check it out here. There are certain pieces of jewelry that are timeless. For example a gold chain necklace, hoop earrings, simple bangles. Depending on your style, you should have some pieces of jewelry you love, that make you feel good and happy when your wear them. As your taste evolves or changes you can store pieces that you love, or donate those that no longer feel excited about. The great thing about vintage jewelry is that it can enhance your existing jewelry and help create the effect, vibe or feeling you want to achieve for a particular outfit. Or maybe you just saw a period movie, say the Great Gatsby and you want to bring a little touch of Art Deco into your wardrobe for the holidays. Vintage is a great way to go because you can get authentic piece, that is well made and most likely a better value than anything brand new.

fiesta arm party confetti5. Vintage Jewelry is cheaply or poorly made. A lot of vintage costume jewelry was well made. In fact today’s costume jewelry designers, for example Stella & Dot, actively search flea markets for vintage pieces because they were well made. Exceptional clasps, settings, color combinations. prong set rhinestones. linking structures, triple plating and quality of stones are all details that make a good piece of jewelry. There are some brands that are nicer than others, but you can learn to look for key details that I mentioned above. Just make sure that when you are considering buying a a piece that you love it, and you will wear it (at least occasionally!) and that you are paying a fair price for it. Almost always a vintage piece of costume jewelry will be better made and better priced than a brand new piece of costume jewelry. Even high end costume jewelry from collectible brands such as Chanel will almost always be less expensive than a brand new piece.

80s gold and red with angel6. If I wear vintage jewelry I have to dress head to toe in vintage clothing from that time period. Um, no. And please, never take this approach to getting dressed unless it’s Halloween or you are an actor in a movie.
The most modern and contemporary way to wear vintage jewelry is to mix it. This means mixing high/low or fine/costume. I need to reference the home decor example from earlier. Collect and buy jewelry with the same approach that you would take is decorating your living room. Mixing in a few vintage or antique pieces will elevate the whole look or in the case of clothing, your entire outfit. In order to create and enhance your own style you will most likely want to select items and pieces that you love, that compliment and flatter you and your clothing. It’s great to have a good variety of pieces that work well on their own or mixed in a suite. For example 2 or 3 necklaces that work well together or on their own. Again with vintage you will have lots of great choices at a good price to help you really assemble and curate a terrific jewelry wardrobe that makes you feel and look great.

Did I debunk any myths regarding vintage jewelry that have ever crossed your mind? If so, I would love to hear them. Or did I miss a concern that you have about vintage jewelry? Email me here.

Why 1980s And Early 1990s Vintage Costume Jewelry Is The Next Hot Collectible


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something 80s.90s

I sell and style a lot of vintage costume jewelry. People love sparkly rhinestones, cool 1960s, a la MadMen style jewelry and the quality found in 1970s Monet and Napier bangles, necklaces and earrings. Its all gorgeous jewelry in my book. If you love and follow fashion you know that fashion and fashion trends are cyclical. Trends come and go. And get stale. And then nobody wants any part of it. And then, usually about 20 years later, designers dig through old fashion magazines, peruse the internet, for times gone by to find influences and influencers from a particular time. Maybe she’s a singer in a rock in roll band, (Madonna?) an it girl model muse (Kate Moss?) or a highly influential designer taking the reins of an iconic international French couture brand (Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel?). I think you know where I’m going here. I’ll just say it. The late 80s and early 1990s are back. Check out this iconic cover from Anna Wintors first issue of Vogue as Editor In Chief from 1988. The photographer was Peter Lindberg.anna-favorite-1988-11-lindbergh_165128532679

Here are a few posts from Vogue’s website I saw in recent weeks:

Best Brides of the 1990s:

  • Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett
  • Jeri Hall and Mick Jagger
  • Victoria “Posh” Spice and David Beckham
  • Stephanie Seymour and Axel Rose
  • Caroline Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

Read the full article here.

The 25 Most Influential Runway Shows From The 1990s. Here are just a few that I especially liked:01-PERRY-ELLIS-SPRING-19993-RTW-53-SHALOM-HARLOW

The Perry Ellis Spring 1993 “Grunge” collection. Remember Marc Jacobs was fired and the collection was never produced? Remember grunge? Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love?


Gianni Versace Fall 1991. Look for all the top models from that era including Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington modeling in this show.


Gucci Fall 1995 by Tom Ford. I remember Madonna wearing an outfit from this collection to some awards show. It was a hot collection then and I still swoon over the cool velvet trousers and satin shirts. I had a knock off pair of the round toe pumps in deep burgundy patent leather with the signature horse bit.CHANEL-SPRING-1994-RTW-10-YASMIN-LE-BON

Chanel Spring 1994 by Karl Lagerfeld. Wow. Chanel was young and hip and yet true to the Chanel DNA. The gorgeous and youthful tweed suits, and all the colors! Yum!CALVIN-KLEIN-SPRING-1994-RTW-05

Calvin Klein Spring 1994. This collection was about as simple and as far away from the 1980s dress for success as you could get. Pure and simple. Kate Moss was Calvin Kleins muse. Remember the racy ads with the 1970s wood paneled walls?


Gucci Fall 1996 by Tom Ford. Another amazing collection by Tom Ford. He was spot on in hitting the right looks at the right time. Paying homage to Halston and Elsa Peretti in the finale with white jersey dresses and geometric metal and fabric cut outs, Vogue declared this collection “a fashion equivalent of a one night stand at studio 54”!


Gianni Verasace Fall 1992. I remember this collection and it still looks great. It was called “Miss S&M”. It caused a stir. Women loved it and loved wearing it out on the red carpet. Even with the cheeky title it was well done and pushed the boundaries of how much skin could be exposed.

See the complete list and  article over on Vogue here.


Models on magazine covers. One thing I really liked about the 1990s, was that models were regularly on fashion magazine covers. Here are some of my favorite models from the the 90s. This photo is from Vogue and features models wearing Chanel.


Clueless. The movie. I keep seeing and reading references to this movie. If you are a fashion lover, you must see this film. The costuming is a bit over the top, but hey, its a movie. Alicia Silverstone is adorable in the lead role and it has a major cult following. I love the feminine, plaid suits and her cute wardrobe. It’s dated and yet fresh at the same time. Rent it and watch the extra features to get the scoop on this film. It definitely captures the 1990s. Another film from the 1990s that has reached cult status is Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (below).


536,000. The number of results on Google when you search for 1990s themed party. Even I am astounded by this number! Hey, the music was good, hip hop and alternative rock became mainstream and shows like In Living Color, Frazier, Friends and Seinfeld ruled the television networks. What about the show Beverly Hills 90210 and the spinoff Melrose  Place? I definitely got a lot of fashion inspiration from these shows!

Chanel 18 Vamp 1

The deep, red lipstick so popular in the early 1990s is back. I remember seeing Sandra Bernhardt on a late night show being interviewed and she was talking about her nail polish. It was a deep, dark, red. She said it was called Vamp by Chanel. I just saw somewhere in the last week, that one of the hot new lipstick colors is a deep, dark red and reminiscent of 90s.


Stazia Loren Jewelry Collection. (above) Based in New York, Stazia specializes is couture vintage designer jewelry. I found her collection in Barneys Beverly Hills and most of the pieces were from the 1990s. I have been sourcing vintage jewelry for 13 years and I always bought fabulous 1980s and 1990s jewelry because, first of all I liked it and I knew that some day, it would be back in style. Once I saw Stazia’s pieces displayed at Barneys I realized that the 1990s jewelry was back and it looked good. Now, like I said Barney’s focus with her jewelry was on the 1990s but she sells exquisite pieces from the 1920 to the 1990s. You can learn more about Stazia Loren here. Prepare to drool. And if Barney’s is into it, you can be pretty sure this trend is on the come.


1990s jewelry. In the 1990s all the high end couture houses produced costume jewelry. I remember spinning counter top jewelry display cases. I remember Givenchy, Christian Dior and Karl Lagerfeld. I bought about 8 pieces of Karl Lagerfeld jewelry when Emporium Capwell closed in San Francisco. I still have most of them. Jewelry from this era is big, over sized, colorful, gleaming in brushed/matte or shiny gold. Griopoix glass (a colored glass technique that was invented in France – see the Maltese cross brooch left) was very popular as were pearls, chains and charms. Embellishments in jewelry were grand.  I have been lucky to find a few pieces of these now coveted costume jewelry brands. Jewelry from the 1980s to the 1990s was well made and European designers often had pieces made in Italy or Germany. Many of these pieces are heavily gold plated and depending on the brand and quality are highly collectible. If these designer brands are not in your budget, but you want to bring in some of this 80s/90s jewelry into your wardrobe not to worry because fortunately there were many American companies that were making excellent quality costume jewelry too. Brands like Monet, Napier, St. John and Liz Claiborne designed and manufactured fabulous jewelry that was absolutely on trend and has also held up well if properly cared for.

Top 1980s/90s jewelry brands. Some of the best brands of the 80s and 90s include:

  • Monet
  • Napier
  • Joan Rivers
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Versace
  • Versus Versace
  • Givenchy
  • Christian Dior
  • St. John
  • Anne Klein
  • Yves Saint Laurent or YSL
  • Kenneth Jay Lane

Prices will vary but all of these brands made really nice jewelry that reflected the popular colors, embellishments and motifs of the times.80s 90s jewelry for blog

To summarize. 1980s and 90s jewelry is back. And it looks goooood! Think about costume jewelry this way: it really is art. Designers select materials, stones and colors to represent and appeal to women of that particular time. And jewelry from this era is really spectacular.

Want to check out my 1980s and 90s costume jewelry in the store? Click here to shop the Rodeo Drive collection.

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Fall 2015 Jewelry and Beauty Trends


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cover use this on fall 2015 jewelry trendsHello fall!

Now that it’s September, I’m in the mood to shop for fall clothing. This fall trends are far and wide with touches of a 70s and early 80s vibe.  Clothing trends include folkloric /boho chic, bold artistic geometric patterns, and fur. Top colors to be aware of are deep shades of red, cobalt blue,deep greens and every shade of white. Accessories are fabulous with gorgeous choices for handbags, shoes, scarves and gloves.

In this post I am focusing on the top jewelry trends for fall 2015 which include:

  • Floral and flower motifs
  • Tassels and fringe
  • Pearls – designed and worn with an edge
  • Chokers
  • Earrings
  • Pendent necklaces
  • Rings with a vintage vibe

Beauty Trends. In addition to a close up look at jewelry I also have a special 2 part post. I have partnered with Cary of Cary Makeup to share the top make up and beauty trends for fall. This is a joint project we did as part of Altitude Summit and Latina Bloggers Connect project called coLAB. Cary is 24 years old from Milan, Italy. She is getting her University degree in Tourism and loves to blog and writes mostly about beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle. “I am a makeup lover, a travel enthusiast, a shoes and bags addicted. ” Her blog is called Cary, and you can check it out here, or click through at the end to see her beauty recommendations for the season.

Okay, so here we go, these are the top jewelry trends:fall trends floralsFLORALS. Flowers and floral are everywhere. Love the wrap flower bracelet example on the far left, the flowers in the hair at Dolce & Gabbana, the silk flowers on the chunky chain and the over-sized flower earrings far right. I can see a DIY for the 2 center photos coming down the pike: 1. How to use a floral brooch in your hair and 2. how to recreate this fantastic silk floral poof on a chunky chain necklace. How about giving your scarf the day off and adding some warmth and chic style with this gorgeous floral?
fall trends fringeTASSELS and FRINGE. Look for luxurious corded tassels and chain as fringe on earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Any time there is movement or swing, as in these tassel or fringe details, it adds a very attractive animation to your entire look. It’s very flattering. fall trends pearls

PEARLS. June Cleaver has left the building. Pearls are big this season and worn and mixed in a dramatic and edgy way. Must figure out how Stella McCartney got the pearl necklace to retain the squiggle. The pearls on the face at Givenchy were a bit over the top and I don’t see that loads of women will wear this exact look but it does convey that pearls can have an edge. I like it. Lots of possibilities here.fall trends chokersCHOKERS. Loving the look of this necklace style that sits on the neck or right at the base of the neck. Great choices in sequined and fabric or all shades of metal.fall trends earringsEARRINGS. Earrings are the most important jewelry item for fall. Go for 80s-ish abstract 2 drops, a mis matched pair, cool 70s geometric/Art Deco vibe or a single. Also, the shoulder duster that was so popular in the early 1990s is prevalent too. Also ear crawler earrings are very important, as are ear jackets and cuffs. Feel free to embellish and adorn your ears.
fall trends broochesBROOCHES. Brooches are back and so fabulously wearable. The initial brooches at Cristobal Balenciaga are gorgeous and I saw these in person at Neiman Marcus and they are even better in person. Initial brooches in any style are a great way to get this look. Other excellent examples for styling a brooch included wearing it pinned to the fold of a chunky cowel neck sweater, on the turned back sleeve of a knit sweater and I loved the stemmed floral brooches at Prada. And I must repeat a few photos from the July issue of Vogue (below) and their fall 2015 forecast regarding jewelry.fall trends from July vogue broochesFrom the left: Another shot of Balenciaga – check out how the starburst style brooch is used here on the hip to create a focal point with the wrap skirt on the hip. Next is another photo from the Dolce & Gabbana collection featuring flowers in the hair and an rhinestone brooch on the placket between the tips of the models Peter Pan collar. Next the over sized pendent and tassel necklace on the model is very similar to a vintage brooch I have in the Susan Jane Jewels store – I propped it in the photo on the right. Finally how about the brooch used as a hair ornament at Prada? I placed a similar one with rhinestones and gold stem just below the models. This is also available in the store should you want to get the look.

fall trends 70s fine layers and pendent necklacesPENDENT NECKLACES. These awesome necklaces add a wonderful personalized touch and texture to an outfit. The pendent necklace adds a flattering vertical line that looks good on everybody.fall trends cocktail rings multiples

RINGS. Check out multiple rings on one hand. No ring is too big they are all medium sized. Vintage costume rings are perfect for creating this look.

FAVORITE PICKS. Other accessories that caught my eye this season are:

44-tods-scarf-h724Scarf by Todds. Love this cozy fur and the colors.


Tom Ford boots are just amazing.42-sportmax-MILFL2015-Sportmax-w724

Bucket bags by Sportmax. I’ll take all 3.

Cary and I thought it would be fun to share a some personal bits about “favorites” regarding the fall season and therefore we came up with a top 10 list about the things that we enjoy and reflect on at this time of year. Here’s my answers to our questionnaire.

  1. Favorite fall weekend away – Santa Barbara, California
  2. Favorite fall meal – Beef bourguignon
  3. Favorite pedicure color – OPI Amore At The Grand Canal
  4. Favorite cocktail – Merlot wine
  5. Favorite fall desert – apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  6. Favorite fall walk / hike – around Griffith Observatory
  7. favorite fall 2015 runway collection – Prada
  8. Favorite fashion color – Reds/Burgundy
  9. Favorite lipstick color – Tom Ford, Moroccan Rouge
  10. Favorite memories about fall – Trick or Treating on Halloween as a child

BEAUTY. Ready to get the scoop on beauty trends for this fall? Check out Cary’s blog post here. You will not want to miss her excellent guide to the best make-up to look for this season!



Okay, who’s ready to go shopping with me? Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite jewelry trend this fall.

History of Costume Jewelry Pearls & How Coco Chanel Made Them Fashionable


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IMG_1027 (2)History of Costume Jewelry Pearls & How Coco Chanel Made Them Fashionable

Today I am answering the questions: Why pearls? How did costume pearls come into fashion? Who are some famous fashion muses who we look to for pearl inspiration? What are the top tips in buying vintage costume pearls?

Have you ever thought about what it is about pearls that make them so beautiful and desirable? Pearls have been known as “Queen of Gems” and possess a history and allure that goes back to ancient times. Before Mikimoto patented his technique for cultured pearls. Way back, hundreds of years. Pearls were so rare that to have a necklace with matching pearls in luster and spheres was considered a priceless treasure.  They were the most expensive jewelry in the world and so rare that they were reserved for nobles and the very rich. The interest in pearls reached its peak during the Roman Empire when supposedly an entire military campaign was financed when one of the Generals sold 1 of his mothers pearl earrings.

Below the famous painting called The Girl With The Pearl Earring. Painted in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer. (Photo from Flickr by ekenltr)14468492229_85d49613da_b

Below a portrait of Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia wearing an exquisite pearl necklace, brooch and headdress. (Photo from Flickr, by Dennis Jarivs)4089676253_2fc2882891_z

Fast forward to Paris France in the early 1920s. French fashion designer Paul Poiret was the first designer that started using costume jewelry in his collections. Then Coco Chanel was the first designer to introduce large fake pearls with glittering gemstones and this ignited a trend. Her customers loved the idea of combining the real jewelry with the fake and piling it on. Her minimalistic clothing designs were the perfect backdrop for layers of this costume jewelry. Chanel preferred to accessorize with many pieces of costume jewelry rather than be limited to 1 or 2 expensive fine jewelry items. Her customers loved it. Prior to Chanel introducing the concept of wearing piles of costume jewelry, wealthy clients usually preferred not to display expensive items in public, and now could be completely comfortable wearing Chanel costume jewelry.

16311023523_f03a4b495d_zBefore Coco Chanel’s ground breaking approach to mixing costume jewelry with fine, costume jewelry was really only worn by those who could not afford the real thing. And she also felt that with costume jewelry women could afford to properly accessorize their outfits rather than be limited to a few pieces. Chanel brilliantly turned the undesirable costume jewelry into a hot fashion trend especially the idea of piling it on, a look that she consistently sported herself. Chanel had quite a trove of fine jewelry given to her by lovers and suiters. She raided her own jewelry box and partnered with Duke Fulco de Vedura, of Verdura Jewelry and launched a House of Chanel jewelry line. Her famous white enameled cuff bracelets were a result of this partnership and are considered one of the iconic pieces in the Verdura collection today. Coco Chanel stated “It’s disgusing to walk around with millions dollars around the neck because one happens to be rich. I only like fake jewelry….because it’s provocative”. 16925778001_a435bf0568_zSo, we can thank Coco Chanel for helping to bring costume jewelry into fashion and making beautiful pieces within reach as opposed to expensive fine jewelry. And of course I love the concept of piling it on! And she certainly did that with pearls. One of my favorite photographs of Chanel is the one where she has on white, wide legged pants, a long sleeve black tee shirt, her famous Verdura cuffs, loads of pearl necklaces and pearl earrings. Below, a few Verdura booklets that note the collaboration with Chanel.IMG_1286Pearls are popular because:

  1. They look good on everybody
  2. There are many colors, varieties, lengths and jewels to chose from
  3. There are very good quality costume pearls available as well as terrific value in vintage costume pearls
  4. Considered a classic and must have in every womans wardrobe
  5. Costume pearls affords you the ability to own several (or in my case, a lot!) of faux pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings
  6. They are always in style and seasonless
  7. Easy to wear and dress up any outfit
  8. Layer in really well with other pearls and mix great with other jewelry. See Coco Chanels photos above


What brands are good vintage collectibles for costume pearls?

  • Chanel is highly coveted both new and vintage
  • Carolee makes very good quality costume pearls and you can find awesome vintage pieces from the 1980s and 90s
  • Monet
  • Les Bernard
  • Ciner
  • Erwin Pearl
  • Christian Dior
  • Kenneth Jay Lane
  • Trifari

pearl necklac

What should you look for when buying vintage costume jewelry pearls:

  • A signature or signed piece will give you a good idea of the quality
  • Nice faux pearls will have a good hand or weight about them
  • Knotted – even well made faux pearls will be knotted. Knotting helps pearls hang nicely and is considered a superior design and construction detail. Also, if your strand should break, you won’t lose pearls all over the floor or on the street
  • A nice clasp, that is working properly
  • Check the “skin” of costume pearls to make sure it is free of peeling or chipping
  • Try them on to make sure they hang nicely and to check if they can be doubled or tripled over your head, especially if you are certain you will want to wear them that way
  • Well known brands such as Kenneth Jay Lane dip glass bases or beads into a solution of pearl essence called synthesized nacre. They are then hand polished to create a lustrous finish
  • Sniff test – be sure and give any vintage or second hand pearls a pass under your nose to smell them. Perfume and fragrance seem to really adhere to knotted faux pearls. I once bought a beautiful , opera length strand of costume pearls which had a horrible perfume oder that I could never remove. I ended up donating them.  Trust me, don’t let that happen to you


Famous Pearl Jewelry:

Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany, wearing the famous Givenchy dress with the built in pearl and rhinestone necklace. Check out my tutorial on how replicate that necklace here.finalJackie Kennedy’s 3 stand pearl necklace which is believed to have been inherited from her mother. And it turns out, while I was researching this post, I found out that Chanel was one of Jackie’s favorite designers!IMG_1295

Here’s a photo of me in some of favorite vintage pearls. In case you’re wondering I am wearing 4 vintage costume pearl necklaces. I think Coco Chanel would be proud.shopify orange dress pearlsOkay, I showed you my pearls. Now, show me yours. Post a photo wearing your favorite pearls – it can be any pearls – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, you name it, I want to see it. Post your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #PearlWeek

Ready to add some costume pearls to your wardrobe? Visit my store here.

And if you’re like me and cannot get enough pearls in your life, follow my PEARLS board over on Pinterest, click here to access it.

Got a question about costume pearls? Leave it in the comments below.


UPDATE! Susan Jane Jewels Blog has MOVED! 

Visit Susan Jane Jewels to keep up with all my cool jewelry, organizing, styling and curating ideas! Click here or on the photo below to go to the new website and blog.moved announcement

A Visit To Ciner Jewelry New York


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about_cinerlogo_nav (1)I had a fabulous trip to New York City at the end of July and one of the highlights was a visit to renowned costume jewelers, Ciner. Kris Ciulla, the VP of Sales and Design for Ciner, invited me to stop by their NYC showroom and factory to get a glimpse of this fabled jewelry house. Kris showed me pieces from the archives, took me through the production area to see skilled artisans including the caster, the rhinestone setter, and quality control. The company is still run by Pat Ciner Hill, a descendant of founder Emanuel Ciner.  It was fantastic. And so much fun to talk to a fellow jewelry lover! I was not allowed to take photos, due to a market week and their busy schedule, however I can assure you the jewelry was beautiful and you can check out their website, Cinerny, here.

Here are just some of my favorite pieces. All of these are available to buy on Ciner’s website. Click on each photo to go over to the Ciner website and get more details. I am loving these turquoise blue pieces. I would wear all 3 of these bracelets together!

Twinkling Giraffe $525,  Turquoise Cuff $450, Turquoise Cabochon $380, Princess Drop Earrings $365


I adore this two headed frog bracelet, $525!Frog_Bracelet_Coral_Enamel_Gold_Crystals_Ciner_Jewelry_New_York_1051BE_ff996511-60ec-4ba9-a2d7-ee68f4daca6a_1024x1024

The gold collection is outstanding and plated in 18k gold. Love this sculptural necklace $590 and the bee cuff bracelet, $570.Ciner_Gold_Link_Necklace_Sculptural_Jewelry_1391N_1024x1024Ciner_Shop_Online_Bee_Cuff_grande (1)

If you are looking for brooches, Ciner makes beautiful pieces with lots of inspiration from nature and interpreting the classic Maltese Cross design.

Sparkling Ombre Brooch $285, Floral pearl brooch $315, Rose and gray pearl brooch, $285Gold_Pin_Ombre_Cabochons_Ciner_Jewelry_New_York_2931PA_1024x1024Floral_Pin_Pearl_Pastel_Cabochons_Gold_Ciner_Jewelry_New_York_2964P_df6ca90b-c892-4f85-9234-1aabd11d0636_1024x1024Pearl_Pin_Antique_Gold_Rose_Stones_Ciner_Jewelry_New_York_2841PA_1024x1024

Love the brooch with the bees! This is a special pin in that it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Ciner Company. Ombre 100th Anniversary pin $225

Ciner also has a wonderful selection of wedding appropriate jewelry. This butterfly is lovely and charming. Shown below is the Baroque Butterfly Brooch $3308

Here are some interesting facts about this amazing costume jeweler:

  • Founded in 1892 by Emanuel Ciner.
  • Originally started as a fine jeweler and evolved into a leader of fine quality costume jewelry in the late 30’s that was made in America. Many of the techniques Ciner uses on producing costume jewelry are fine jewelry techniques. For example, finishing costume pieces with 18k gold plating.
  • They are the oldest remaining costume jeweler that manufactures start to finish in New York City and are still family owned and operated.
  • They are the only American jewelry company to manufacture high quality costume jewelry completely in house.
  • Elizabeth Taylor owned Ciner jewelry and several of her suites sold for thousands of dollars at the Sothebys-Elizabeth Taylor auction a few years ago.
  • Remember that issue of W a few years ago that featured Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in an extensive pictorial feature? Angelina wears several pair of Ciner earrings. Wish I still had my copy!
  • Many well know American retailers partner with Ciner to create private label jewelry collections. I realized that several of my pieces were in fact inspired and designed by Ciner

To learn more about Ciner, visit their website here. You can shop for beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches on the site and it is packed with great information regarding the history of the company and features a fun press archive section, with awesome vintage photos. Here are a few from their website.Screen-Shot-2015-04-07-at-8.25.23-AMTimeline_3ciner_archive_1950sciner_archive_1960sHope you enjoyed this look at Ciner New York. It was such a treat to visit the showroom in New York. I know I’ll be on the lookout for these beautiful pieces!

Do you have any Ciner jewelry? Leave a comment below and tell me about it or post a photo.